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Venners Limited

Bullet AuditHub sign new contract with leading UK stocktaking and auditing consultancy, Venners Limited.

Venners have been stocktaking since 1896 and provided their first digital results in the 1960's, making them one of the earliest technology pioneers to realise the immense value in managing data digitally. As one of our first adopters we are very proud to welcome them on-board and look forward to being part of that pioneering history in the years to come.

Our company is exceptionally busy and AuditHub's tech team have made the launch a painless exercise, enabling us to begin mobile auditing immediately.

With over 12 months spent evaluating various systems, AuditHub was chosen as the one application that could not only deliver the required functionality but also provide the personal level of support that Venners felt they needed. Venners will be using the AuditHub application to conduct a range of different audits from Health & Safety compliancy audits to temperature monitoring check-lists along with automated post-audit reporting, all controlled using the AuditHub workflow engine.